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Although the scanner itself works well, the issues with the computer application are concerning. This is the problem pointed to in the many 1-star reviews the scanner has received on Amazon.

MacBook Mobile Scanning Gear

They are particularly well-known for making great photo scanners. This scanner is designed for business use , as the name Workforce suggests. You can scan documents, business cards, and receipts with ease. This scanner is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Instead, you must first scan the document or receipt and then click to send the scanned document on to one of these services.

You can also wirelessly scan right to your smartphone or tablet.

Best Flatbed Scanners Under $ In - Cardmunch

OCR software is included with this scanner, so you can turn your receipts into searchable and editable data in a spreadsheet. One downside to this scanner is that its wireless functionality is on the slow side. You can put it away in a drawer when not in use or tuck it in your bag and take it with you when you travel. This can scan just as well as other larger, more complicated scanners. Your scans are sent to the Doxie app and can also be sent to services like Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, and iCloud Drive or applications on your computer.

OCR is included as well, so all the data from your receipts will be searchable and easy to add to your financial spreadsheets. There is OCR functionality so your data can be searchable. Scanning receipts is particularly easy thanks to the ScanSnap Receipt software. This helps you easily export your receipt data to a CSV file to help you in the tax filing process. You can connect this to your computer in either a wired or wireless manner.

This scanner works with both PC and Mac. You can also scan to the cloud using services like Dropbox and Evernote. Or you can use the ScanSnap app on your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle. This is another receipt scanner design that is made for maximum portability. It is small in size and extremely lightweight. Especially considering the low price, you get really high quality scans out of this. This scanner is great for just scanning all of your receipts, but there is a lot of value in the receipt organizing software available as well.

This is a subscription service with a monthly or annual fee, although you can try it free for a few months at first. The subscription fees are surprisingly affordable.

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You get access to a number of helpful features that can simplify your financial organization processes, like the ability to create expense reports, upload directly to QuickBooks and tax accounting software, and the ability to share receipt data with others. This scanner is compatible with both PC and Mac computers, though some users report that it does not work well with the latest versions of iOS. Something that makes this scanner stand out is the magic wand. It might sound kind of gimmicky, but it can be kind of fun to use.

You really have a few options for how to use this scanner. You can keep it docked and use the auto-feed feature, just like you do with most other scanners of this type. This scanner has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it will last around scans on a single charge.

The Best Scanners for Macs

Another feature that makes this scanner attractive is the ability to save your scans to a microSD card. It comes with an 8GB microSD card and an adapter. You can fit up to 5, files on this card. To view your files and transfer them to your computer, you can connect the scanner with a USB cable or you can just use the microSD card to access your files on another device. If scanning receipts is your main objective , a much more affordable and simple option like the Epson Workforce DS makes sense.

This is another really small and lightweight scanner, making it easily portable. I like that this comes with a storage pouch, something that makes it even easier to carry with you in a bag. You can also scan and upload directly to the cloud. All the text you scan will be searchable and editable, as your PDFs use OCR to turn your receipt scan into usable data. This lets you easily add it to an Excel file or upload it to programs like QuickBooks and tax preparation software. Like all scanners of this type, calibration is required for successful scanning and this can sometimes be a bit finicky.

It does come with special sheets to use for calibration and cleaning. Dust can cause problems with the scan working well and creating accurate OCR renderings, but the cleaning sheet should prevent any problems. This can interfere with accurate OCR. This scanner from Brother is a good scanner but the real value with this one is the suite of software that comes bundled with it.

There are programs for managing documents, business cards, and receipts. The receipt management software is particularly good and can help you organize your receipts in a way that will work for you. You can export all of your receipt data to these services seamlessly. This is another relatively small and portable scanner but it is a bit bigger than some other options. It does not have a battery but needs to be powered via USB cable. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

You have a number of options for where to send your scans. You can send them to be saved on your local machine or you can send them by email or FTP to another location. You can also send scans directly to be printed.

There are a number of receipt scanning apps available for both iOS devices and Android phones that let you use your phone as a kind of scanner. With iOS 11 , this scanner-like functionality is even built right into the Notes app. Massive input capacity. Supports tabloid-size and larger pages. Robust, easy-to-use software. Cons: Slow at saving to searchable PDF.

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Pros: Fast scanning and text recognition. Strong software bundle. Supports scanning to USB drives. Color touch screen.

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Cons: No battery. Heavier than other portable scanners. Pros: Accurate OCR. Robust software bundle. Versatile connectivity options, including mobile.

How to Buy the Right Scanner

Reasonable price. Cons: Lacks single-pass auto-duplexing. Pros: Superb OCR accuracy. Customizable touch screen. Comprehensive software. Competitive speed when scanning to image files and searchable PDF.

Wired and wireless networking, including Wi-Fi Direct. Three-year warranty. Cons: Individual workstation licenses sold separately. A bit pricey.