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Like we said earlier, if you just want to make beats you can get by with a laptop and some software.

Looking to make your own beats?

Most software will come with stock sounds and instruments, Some of them are actually good, but most will be mediocre. You can buy pre-made loops, single drum sounds and even entire virtual instruments like pianos or synthesizers. They can make or break a track. Download some great drum samples and loops here. Then work your way up, buying loop packs, sample packs, VST instruments and more. The great thing about virtual instruments especially synths is you can use some of them to create brand new sounds on your own that no one else has.

How to Make a Song

Bottom line, keep your sounds fresh. Your beats will only be as good as the sounds you use in them. An audio interface is basically a computer sound card that is designed to be able to handle professional audio production work. Sure, you can make beats using it. For that you need a pro audio interface. If you just want to record vocals, a 2 or 4 channel option will work.

Another thing you want to be aware of is the circuitry inside the audio interface.

Making A Beat On A FREE Beat Maker!! (Better Than FL Studio?!) - Lmms Beat Making

The microphone pre-amps matter a lot when it comes to the quality of your recordings. They let you hear all the tiny details and errors in your music. MIDI controllers are pieces of hardware that let you control the sounds in your beat making software.

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So instead of clicking your mouse into a grid, you can play out your melody on a keyboard or your drum beat on some drum pads. If you want to make good beats, we highly recommend buying a good MIDI controller. You can record different sounds yourself to use in your beats, that no one else will have. There are a lot of options out there, and they widely vary on price. Here are some different options you can try out:.

So once you know what you want to use to make beats and songs you need to setup the computer, install the software and hook up all your equipment. There are a lot of different modules inside of your studio software DAW — digital audio workstation — samplers, synths, effects, etc. And there are other different aspects to your DAW too — the sequencer, arrangement window, mixer and more.

They all work together to let you create a full beat. But we break it down in our full email beat making course sign up at end of post. You can make sample based music, or you can play musical instruments from scratch. Sampling is something that has been around for a long time and very much popularized by Hip-Hop music.

You can then trigger and play back the samples however you want to come up with a brand new sound loop.

14 Best Resources For Making Beats On Mac

You can get as creative as you want with it, but there are some copyright issues you should be aware of if you plan on releasing that song publicly for sale. The other way to make beats is to just play live from scratch. You can either program the notes into your sequencer with a mouse, or play them from a midi controller. Both approaches are great and come with their own unique pros and cons.

Basically what you do is choose a module like a synth, sampler or drum machine you want to start with. You can create your own unique sounds too. You create different musical loops or longer musical sections and stack them on top of each other. The longer the better.

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Yea, we make loop-based music that repeats, but the more repetitive something is, the quicker it becomes boring to a listener. The idea is to keep the energy of the track building upwards to a climax several different times. The energy should slightly increase more, so you could add the rest of the drums here with the melody and let it play for 4 or 8 bars. Then ramp the energy up more — add in the full chord progression or something else for another 4 or 8 bars. In our example we could add in the rest of the instruments.

And then for the second verse, you start all over again and do different things to build anticipation and energy peaks. This is a question that many new producers and even experienced ones struggle with. The whole process that you use is called workflow. And different software has different ideal workflows.

New producers often get overly excited when making beats and fill up every sonic crevice with some type of sound. The finished product sounds way too busy and complex. You have to remember that someone else is going to be singing or rapping on top of your beat.

Make Beats 101

Simple beats are often then best ones in these cases. Some producers start with their drums. In certain genres of music like Hip-Hop drums play a very important, central role. So what some producers will do is start with a kick drum and a snare drum to lay out the basic pattern.

Some will move to a basic chord progression instead, and then move onto a lead melody. It all depends on what works for you. On the flip-side, other producers already have a melody line or idea in their head. Or maybe they know a dope chord progression a pattern of different music chords that sound good together and they lay that down. Then they add a melody or bass and maybe some drums. Some will move to drums , others will put in a bass line before going to percussion. You should be able to work with an artist from start to finish, handling each step of the process.

What you should do is export your beat from your beat maker as a WAV file better yet, export each instrument separately so you have more control later on in the process. Comping is basically taking the best parts from several different recording takes and splicing them together to form one perfect vocal take. Some people start by recording the chorus of the song first, and placing it in the proper section of the beat.

Others record in the opposite order. Remember how we said at the beginning of this article how your beats would suck at first? Well, sometimes even when your ideas are really solid the beat still sounds like shit. How does every song on the radio sound perfect, loud, bright clear and amazing? While your sound flat, lifeless and dull? Two words… Mixing and Mastering.