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I hope you enjoyed yourself and learned something new. Please deposit your safety glasses in the receptacle on your way out, and have a wonderful day. Goooo science! Ricquetta Francis recently posted … Meek-n-Mild Giveaway —. I have to say that I am new to the Mac line and only have 2 lipsticks so far.

I can easily see it turning into an addiction. Also, consider adding Viva Glam V on your list. Hello karen. My question is how do i start my own makeup line. What are the steps i need tp take to make it happen. Having my own line has been a dream of mine. Speaking of pics, have you had the chance to play with your camera lately? I bet you and the hubs are taking a ton of pics of the little one. You know it!

Just need more hours in the day! Have you ever heard of BorrowLenses. It might be a good way for you to explore different pieces of equipment. That way you can really figure out what you want before investing. I totally understand the temptation to keep upgrading though! This blog is in my favourite bar, I check it every single day or maybe twice!

MAC Cosmetics Announces Iconic Retail Partnership in Canada

And…I just love it. Tabs is soo sweet and your articles and the guests ones.. So glad to hear you enjoy the site. That really disturbes me. It was a special demonstration just for the bloggers.

How To Spot Fake MAC Makeup

That was so cool, your pictures are excellent. Great Post!


Oh my gosh, look how cute you are!!! Jill recently posted … Support for a fellow MilSpouse. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us! This is so neat! Thats nice that they let you take pics too! How cool is this?! This is so awesome thanks for sharing your experience!! Aww, thanks Nina. LOL… the last time I kicked it in a lab was ?

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Chemistry class was a loooong time ago. They have much cooler safety glasses than we did back in the day. Ugh, I barely made it through Chem by the skin of my teeth. I did sorta enjoy o-chem in a weird way. How neat! Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip!

Production of MAC Cosmetics by Maya You on Prezi

So true! I just remember doing a LOT of titrations… booooring! I love your dress! Where is it from? As for the lab coat, that takes me back to my biotech lab days…. I wish there was more. That just combined my love for science with my love for makeup. Oh my goodness this is the kind of tour we all dream of taking… thank you for sharing!!! Did ya get the keep those steel-toe boot covers? That would be hawt.

LOL, thanks Adria! Thank goodness for the Nordstrom Personal Stylists! How was your trip to Vintage Oaks with your friend? Did you end up getting anything good at Sephora? Hey, Karen!

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Thanks for popping in to say hi. Thanks so much for posting this! This is what I am going to school for! Formulation chemistry! Pretty Cool!

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You look great in that lab coat! Thanks for sharing. Very cool stuff. So awesome. I am so glad that they let you take pictures. I love to see the behind-the-scenes operation of how anything I really love is made. Did they send you off with any sort of samples? Kathleen recently posted … Sanrios Hello Japan- support our friends.

Nah… I got to see the process, but they have to quality control stuff so nope, none that day.

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That is so cool! You would have made a very stylish doctor. I am SO asking that Nordstrom guy for help next time I need a dress.


Homeboy saved me from myself! Thanks for sharing! I love a good field trip! Leah recently posted … Battle with the Sun. That was just a special demonstration for the bloggers. I look like an average chinese girl ahaha but american and my skin is lmedium light olive. By the way.. How great you were able to check out the behind the scenes for MAC. Your outfit is SO cute too! Aww, thanks Sarah.


This is amazing! Lucky you, Karen! In college, I minored in chemistry majored in physics and politics but not particularly related to this, lol. I love cosmetic chemistry; hell, the whole reason I even started reading beauty blogs years ago was because I started to read the Beauty Brains. Ahhh, touring that facility sounds so fun! Sorry, I had to nerd out there for a second :D. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Karen. Anyways, so glad to know what your top secret mission was about!

I was dying of suspense there. I was just wondering, can anyone take a tour of the MAC factory? Love your Blog.