How to save screen on mac

For example, if you have Safari and iTunes open, but iTunes is active and Safari is minimized, a screenshot will take a screenshot of your Mac OS X desktop just as you see it. However, they are also different because they allow you to specify a certain region or portion of the screen.

Three ways to take a screenshot on a Mac

Press the key combo and drag to select the portion of the screen to capture. This takes a screenshot of an individual window and saves it to the desktop. You can then click on any window to capture a screenshot. The cursor will also turn into a camera icon when you press Space.

How to take a screenshot on Mac with Grab Utility

If you want to capture a screenshot in OS X with the cursor, you have to use Preview. None of the shortcut keys allow you to capture the cursor by default. A countdown dialog will appear and after a few seconds, the entire screen will be captured along with whatever the current cursor is. Some websites say to use the Grab utility, but using that tool, you have to pick the cursor you want captured whereas Preview will capture whatever the current cursor is.

If you have a Mac with the new Touch Bar, you can easily take a screenshot by using the following key combo:. Get help if you have questions about using HubSpot software.

How to Change the Location and File Format for Mac Screenshots

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Store screenshots as JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, or PDF files

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And what are the best types of visuals? A screenshot is a still image of your computer screen's current display. Taking a screenshot of your computer will produce a picture of the contents of your monitor as they appear in front of you. This image does not include any windows or programs you have minimized. Screenshots allow you to quickly create image files of content that's otherwise too difficult to convert to a JPG, PNG, or similar image file.

The possibilities are limitless, but here are some of my favorite use cases for taking a screenshot:. Performance reports often require graphs, charts, tables, and other visual data you might originally create in Excel. Taking a screenshot of a chart you made in another program helps you transfer this data directly into your analytics report without worrying that the photo won't display correctly.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X | Information Technology Group

PowerPoints are at their most effective when they're visual. Want to pull the picture of a website's homepage into a slide about web design? Capture it in a screenshot and drag the resulting image into your PowerPoint deck. Most professionals have at least a handful of unread emails in their inbox, so the messages they do read should be easy to digest at a glance.

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Longwinded emails need visual aids to help readers do this, and image files are your most versatile option for uploading images into the email body. How-to's can be hard to follow without visual supplements, and the steps you're explaining aren't always readily available in picture form. Take a screenshot of what you're referring to, adding arrows and boxes to emphasize the parts of the image that are most important to the instruction you're describing.

Example: "the publish button can be found here Mac computers make taking a screenshot fairly easy. This versatile format is popular and provides for lossless compression , preserving the quality of the image while still creating small files.

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  • Capture, Save or Record Screenshots in Mac OS X.

But PNG isn't useful for all applications. You might want to save your screens in another format instead of taking the extra step of converting them using Photos or Preview. You can use Terminal , an application included with your Mac, to change the default graphics format.

Here's how. Chose the command based on which type of file you want to use for screenshots. The file type appears at the end of the line. Screenshots you take will save as JPEGs now.